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All the knowledge and experience to maintain your Electric or Hybrid Vehicle

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An automotive repair facility that specializes in Electric & Hybrid Vehicles. That's NexDrive.

Many consumers believe that maintenance and repair of electric or hybrid cars can only be performed by OE dealers. This is not the case. Even with your electric car, you can still go to the same trusted garage around the corner. The maintenance of an electric car requires different knowledge than the maintenance of a car with a diesel or gasoline engine. But the technicians at all NexDrive service locations are prepared for this. Our technicians are specifically trained to perform this type of maintenance. They are experts in electric cars of all makes. Your electric car is maintained according to factory specifications and your car, therefore, retains its factory warranty. We are ready!

More about NexDrive

Certified technicians, current knowledge, software for all brands. Meet NexDrive.

  • A nationally growing network

    The network of NexDrive service points is growing fast. New garages join NexDrive every month. All participating garages are specially equipped for the maintenance and repair of electric and hybrid cars. They have the knowledge, tools and software to optimally maintain your electric car.


  • Maintenance on an electric car, what exactly is that?

    The propulsion system of an electric vehicle consists of an electric motor, an inverter, and a charger. Traditional maintenance, such as changing engine oil, is therefore no longer necessary. However, there are several other maintenance activities that must be performed periodically on an electric vehicle. 

  • Tips & tricks for electric car drivers

    Driving electric vehicles is the future.  It can be quite exciting to drive your first electric vehicle. We share useful tips & tricks for drivers of electric vehicles. For example, how to keep your EV's battery in top condition. Curious?

Maintenance of your electric or hybrid vehicle
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